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NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New York-based artist and SuperWorld Artist-in-Residence Gabriel Dean Roberts has dropped a groundbreaking NFT project, entitled “Ω”, or OMEGA, which consists of all future works created by Roberts over the next 10 years, including:

  • 120 original artworks over the next decade
  • A custom Rolls Royce Ghost designed by Roberts
  • 1 million trees planted
  • $1 million USD to Doctors Without Borders

Ω will be on display in SuperWorld on virtual real estate encompassing the Louvre

Ω will be on display in SuperWorld on virtual real estate encompassing the Louvre

Additionally, Ω has been designed as a “market cap NFT”, ensuring that it will be the highest value NFT ever sold, or resold. Gabriel explains, “At 50,000 Ethereum (Approximately 150 Million USD) Ω will disrupt the art world and change the way people see smart contracts as a tool. This goes beyond the initial work itself, because it shows artists and others just how powerful the smart contract can be.”

Dean is selling the Ω NFT on the SuperRare platform, while its subsequent art will be displayed at the Louvre in an Augmented Reality (AR) gallery on the SuperWorld platform.

Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld adds, “I’m thrilled to be working with Gabriel and honored to host the OMEGA gallery in AR in SuperWorld. The grand scale, social impact and artistic audacity of this project are aligned with our own values, and apart from setting a new standard for how luxury art and NFTs are both created and appreciated, Gabriel is helping to build a better world and we’re eager to see how OMEGA shapes the future.”


SuperWorld is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR), digitally mapped over the surface of the Earth. Plots of SuperWorld land are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) corresponding to real world space. Any user in SuperWorld can explore and create AR and engage in a virtual real estate marketplace.

About Gabriel Dean Roberts

Gabriel Dean Roberts is a New York based artist whose work has drawn attention through his fine art photography in VOGUE and in the NFT art world. In 2021 he sold over 200 original works across several platforms.

SOURCE SuperWorld

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