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They are creative and they mint. Some of them are already making as much money as their parents do. Meet Terasa Melvin. 12-year-old Teresa Melvin is an NFT artist and lives in Texas. She has minted 20 NFTs already and her work was recently showcased by NFT Kids a New York based magazine that encourages and supports kids to mint Non Fungible Tokens.  Teresa has shortlisted Best 5 Child NFT Artists for Outlook.

Teresa Melvin, NFT Artist and our curator for this list

Teresa live in Texas with her artist parents and has so far minted 20 NFTs.  Teresa’s NFT series is built around a character she has developed – AVA a sporty girl who slips in and out of multiple avatars. She rides a skateboard and has a way with clothes.

“I created AVA and have been adding to her character through my NFT series. People started responding to my work and now I have 20 NFTs already,” Teresa told Outlook. Teresa’s NFTs are popular and her work has already started selling in the secondary market.

To mark Children’s Day, she dropped her latest NFT today:

 Happy Children’s Day, everyone! I’ve dropped my second NFT work on @WazirXNFT, “Selfie with Chachaji” to celebrate this wonderful Day!

Check out the video here – #nftartist #avaandramona #nftmalayali

— Teresa Melvin (@TeresaMelvinart) November 14, 2021

 We asked Teresa to showcase five children who are doing well in the NFT universe.

 Here are her top picks:

1. Nyla Hayes

Nyla is a 12-year-old digital artist and she is known for her series called the Long Necktie Women. Her work has been showcased by the TIME Magazine.

Meet the Long Neckie Women of the Year by Nyla Hayes @timepieces @KeithGrossman

— Nyla Collection (@NylaCollection) November 10, 2021

 2. Laya Mathikshara

Laya is a 14-year-old digital artist from Chennai. Her series is called Fifth Dimension. They are dynamic geometric patterns in vibrant colours cast against a black backdrop. Laya’s work is spread over multiple NFT platforms.

 Fifth Dimension #24 from @withFND has now entered the collections of @mondoir ~

Truly Honoured!

— Laya Mathikshara (@layamathikshara) November 13, 2021

 3. Emilio Barrera

Emilio is a 7-year-old digital artist and his collection of doodles are titled as Arte de Emilio. His work is present on most NFT platforms.

Emilio is a 7 year old artist that is excited to share his art with the world. #NFTartists #NFTcollection #NFTs #OpenSeaNFT

— Emilio Barrera (@arte_de_emilio) November 12, 2021

4. Devya Asmi

Devya is 10-years-old. She is autistic and her work series titled Amazing Devya runs with the hashtag #autismartist. She drawns figures and her work is showcased on all leading NFT platforms. This is her NFT drop on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s day everyone!!!

Thanks @wazirxnft for featuring @amazingdevya !#Childrensday #childrensday2021 #nftchildrensday #nftcommunity @TheSamosaRani @angadbsodhi @RohanGanapathy @levit8rs @Jiagr9 @mini_doodler @Legendof90s_ @Pixxelkar @VarundoCrypto @soulcurryart

— Amazing Devya (@AmazingDevya) November 14, 2021

 5. Nabeel

Nabeel is a 15-year-old NFT artist from Kerala, India. He is into creative coding art.

Check out this artwork by @nabeelNFT on @withFND! ðŸÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂŒ

— Nabeelnft (@nabeelNFT) November 12, 2021

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