Blockchain Creative Labs Is Building an NFT Community Before SXSW –


Blockchain Creative Labs Is Building an NFT Community Before SXSW

For the first year ever, we’re giving artists the technology and tools to tokenize their work, thanks to our blockchain sponsor, Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL). For festival-goers, this means you have the opportunity to discover new artists and claim their NFTs.

This may be a whole new world for you. We get it, which is why we’ve created a SXSW NFT Discord to connect before the festival. Discord is a free voice, video and text chat app that allows people to meet and socialize.

You can join at If you don’t have an account, create one or log-in to continue. Once you create an account, you must go to your email to verify your email before you can begin.

Common channels you will interact with the most:

  • Announcements: This channel will announce NFT drops and if there are changes to them.
  • NFT-101: If you’re new to crypto and NFTs, there are helpful links here, and this is a good place to ask any basic Web3 questions.
  • SXSW-Info: A channel for official SXSW information.

    Ready to join? Accept the invite to the Discord community here and invite others. See you there!

    Photo provided by Blockchain Creative Labs

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