CJ Hendry ‘Blonde’ Cut Paper Art NFT OpenSea – HYPEBEAST


CJ Hendry is known for her hyperrealistic artwork that takes shape through various mediums — from finely detailed pencil drawings to the latest series of intricately cut paper wig portraits that will be available both as physical art and NFTs.

The Blonde series consists of ten wig artworks with varying differences throughout each. The physical art is an edition of 100 and made up of seven layers of meticulously cut paper to create the final image. If you acquire one of each NFT and are the first owner of each and hold all 10 NFTs for 90 days, you will receive a 30” x 30” framed physical drawing of a wig of your choosing by the artist.

Printed on 100% cotton, acid-free archival paper, Blonde is framed on a painted linen board with plexiglass sides, along with UV protective acrylic. Additionally, Blonde comes with a set of microfiber gloves, a Blonde comb and an authenticity card. The editions will release on Sunday, December 12 at 7pm EST for $1,495 USD on the artist’s website.

The NFTs will be available on December 12th starting at 8.01pm EST via OpenSea. As the wig drawing gets more detailed, the quantity of NFT editions lowers and the price increases.

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Release Schedule:

10 x ROB (1ETH each) 8.01pm

9 x ROBBIE (1.1111ETH each) 8.02pm

8 x ROBERTO (1.25 ETH each) 8.03pm

7 x BERTIE (1.4285 ETH each) 8.04pm

6 x RO (1.6667 ETH each) 8.05pm

5 x BOBBY (2 ETH each) 8.06pm

4 x BERT (2.5 ETH each) 8.07pm

3 x BOB (3.3333 ETH each) 8.08pm

2 x ROBBO (5 ETH each) 8.09pm

1 x ROBERT (10 ETH each) 8.10pm

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