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Dillon Danis recently fired shots at Logan Paul for his alleged involvement in a multi-million NFT scam.

YouTuber and self-proclaimed detective Coffeezilla published a video examining Paul and his alleged connection to a $40 million crypto scam. The internet sleuth asserted that the 27-year-old’s NFT project CryptoZoo went awry, resulting in numerous people losing tens of thousands of dollars.

Logan Paul allegedly stole $40 million in his NFT scam Crypto Zoo. Dude takes Ls in boxing, but Ws in scams https://t.co/3kR82AghaX

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Dillon Danis bashed ‘The Maverick’ for his alleged involvement in the crypto scam, writing:

“damn logan paul is a scumbag feel bad for everyone he scammed”

You can check out Danis’ Twitter post below:

damn logan paul is a scumbag feel bad for everyone he scammed

Dillon Danis stated that he and Logan Paul were supposed to fight each other earlier in the year, but Paul canceled the bout after sustaining an injury during his match with Roman Reigns at WWE. Paul reported that he had a tear in his meniscus and an MCL sprain.

Expressing his views on the canceled fight against Paul, Dillon Danis had this to say on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani:

“Logan was completely signed. 100% signed. And we were gonna announce it that same date …and then he did that match with Roman Reigns. And he blew his knee out. And then they were like, “Do you wanna wait for Logan?”…So, I could have waited for Logan, but then he was like, “I don’t know about my knee. It could be six months.” I just took KSI.”

Check out Dillion Danis’ appearance at The MMA Hour below:


Dillon Danis has accused Gordon Ryan of taking steroids

In the same interview, Dillon Danis discussed his rivalry with Gordon Ryan. The two had competed against each other at the 2017 ADCC World Championship, where Ryan emerged victorious. Despite his win, Ryan has continued to challenge Danis since then.


Speaking in The MMA Hour, the Bellator welterweight also responded to the callouts from the no-gi jiu-jitsu artist, accusing the BJJ star of using steroids:

“He just talks s**t. First off, anything that Gordon has done in his career doesn’t mean anything… He is f**king juiced to the gills. It doesn’t matter, nothing he does… He is just a juice head. He’s not that good. Why do you think he’s not doing MMA? He can’t pass a drug test… I can test USADA tomorrow or today, let’s see if he can.”

Danis has not competed in MMA since Bellator 222 in 2019, where he achieved a 2-0 record. He is now set to take on YouTuber KSI in a boxing match on January 14, 2023,

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