Fans Have Millions Of Dollars Stuck In Logan Paul’s NFT Game – SVG



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Closeup of Logan Paul's face

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The Paul brothers — Logan and Jake Paul — have been in the spotlight for the better part of a decade now. They got their start on Vine, the short videos app that inspired Tik Tok, then they starred on the Disney Channel, and in the years after became some of the most popular influencers of their time. Logan Paul started receiving a wave of mainstream criticism in 2017 for his Suicide Forest video, in which he and a group of people discovered and filmed the body of a real victim of suicide in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest. YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki even made a statement, but it was far from the end of the Paul brothers’ troubles in the public eye.

After scandal after scandal, they were both kicked out of Disney and had to fare on their own. They’ve both moved onto new horizons, and both have started new brands and founded their own companies — Logan Paul started a sports betting app and famously got into professional boxing, but not everything has been going smoothly.

After being called out for buying a fake box of “Pokemon” cards for $3.5 million, Logan Paul has started raising eyebrows with his cryptocurrency and NFT projects. According to YouTuber Coffeezilla, who blew open Jake Paul’s multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency scam earlier this year, Logan Paul’s NFT game “CryptoZoo” has been defrauding and scamming investors right and left.

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Logan Paul is accused of scamming CryptoZoo investors

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In a three-part series, fraud-exposing YouTuber Coffeezilla explains how Logan Paul’s NFT-based projects have fleeced customers with false promises. He particularly points out “CryptoZoo,” an NFT-based game, alongside many other NFT and cryptocurrency projects Paul has been involved with, like League of Sacred Devils and STICKDIX. “CryptoZoo” has never been playable except to a select few buyers, and is still “undergoing upgrades” according to the game’s site more than a year after its supposed debut. In CoffeeZilla’s exposé, Logan is accused of running away with investors’ money, lying about why the game has been delayed indefinitely, and providing a non-functional game for investors to try out. Though Paul tweeted a photo of himself insinuating that Coffeezilla’s report was fake, Coffeezilla laughed off the claim.

Logan pretending he’s going to “investigate” his own scam is the funniest thing this year. 😂 can’t wait for him to find himself innocent.

— Coffeezilla (@coffeebreak_YT) December 29, 2022

Millions of dollars have been spent on “CryptoZoo” by unfortunate investors, none of the issues have been fixed. Apparently, even the game’s primary mechanic, the NFT eggs, don’t work as intended. These are supposed to hatch into animals that can be bred together, which rewards players with Zoo Coins cryptocurrency for creating rare combinations. This comes from an anonymous source interviewed in CoffeeZilla’s exposé, who said that the NFT eggs were little more than noninteractive pictures.

Logan Paul has since said he will address these allegations on his next podcast episode, but not before he shifted the blame to unnamed “bad actors” who he promised to expose. The full, nearly hour-long investigative video is well worth a watch, as includes several interviews with victims and a deep look into what could be the final nail in the coffin for Logan Paul’s career in the world of crypto.

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