Former ISBG, now BlockQuarry Corp. (BLQC) Executive launches new Web3 NFT Company to go Public in a Future Regulation A+ Filing – PR Newswire


, /PRNewswire/ — MediaCoin LLC, a developer of Web3 applications and blockchain technologies, is excited to announce that the company is officially releasing its MusicCryptoGeeks collection today to be the first NFT project in their portfolio as they move to go public in a future Regulation A+ Filing.

“I first want to thank the many of you associated with this project launch,” commented MediaCoin LLC CEO Jeff Freiberger.  “We’ve been working on this project for more than 4 years now proving concept and growing our business.  With the recent launch of NFT trading platforms like and others we can finally attach our NFT’d projects to assets and applications in many industries we have been developing over the years. Merging this with the securities world is the final piece for us and we are excited to marry these together. I feel the last part of this is protecting future investors and NFT owners through the policing of the SEC. This is very easy to do for us as we will continue to work very closely with the SEC to make this happen. So far I have yet to meet anyone who knows how this can be done and with no other examples of this in the market we look to be the first of our kind.”

Management notes that the Company’s in house ability to create, code, and program all their Web3 and blockchain techs is their primary growth drivers, with significant revenue spikes seen over the past months from clients purchasing their NFT collections to enhance their businesses.  The company plans to continue to create projects for clients as well as themselves to capitalize on the booming NFT industry and sell their expertise to aid clients in applying their applications to enhance their current business models.

Mr. Freiberger continued, “There’s a reason why many Fortune 500 companies are now developing their own NFT projects for themselves and for those that are clueless of what NFT’s are it’s ok. I explain very simply what NFT’s are and why they are so important on our websites and  Please click on all the pictures for easy video tutorial explanations. If you are a company or investor looking to get info in the NFT, Web3, or Blockchain space we’re here to help. goes live today and we look to have not only a lot of fun with all our projects but change the way we make everyday purchases while protecting personal information from identity theft and finally eliminate online fraud.”

About MediaCoin LLC:

About MediaCoin LLC:  MediaCoin LLC is a developer of Web3 applications and blockchain technologies. Based in Indiana, the Companys’ expertise lies in their in house ability to create, code, and program all their Web3 and blockchain applications as well as their ability to create, mint, and list all their NFT projects. The Company has extensive expertise in securities, investor relations, as well as sales and product launch experience. MediaCoin LLC is launching a portfolio of NFT, Web3, and blockchain applications to revolutionize many sectors of business over many different types of industries in media, music, automotive sales, tangible goods, luxury brands, and more. More info can be found at and


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