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There’s been a lot of buzz around NFTs in recent months and now hip-hop megastar Ghostface Killah is getting in the mix with an extremely rare Pepe NFT.

On Black Friday (11/26) at midnight (12:00 am EST), the rare NFT will go to auction.

In order to understand how Ghostface Killah became involved with the project, it is important to understand the backstory of the Rare Pepe NFT Project and its art. The NFT vintage series is built around the ubiquitous Pepe the Frog meme. Known as “Rare Pepes,” the tokens were minted as digital collectible cards back in the mid-2010s by blockchain pioneers focused primarily on Bitcoin, and traded using niche platforms before NFTs entered the mainstream. For a complete history, check out this YouTube video.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger and supported by blockchain technology that is often accompanied by some sort of digital art (photos, videos, audio, or another type of digital file).

Some of the most popular Rare Pepe’s from the original Rare Pepe NFT Project are hip hop inspired crypto art; one of which is a Wu-Tang Clan inspired Rare Pepe NFT like the one below:

Rare Pepe
Rare Pepe

When developing the Fake Rare Pepe collection, members of the Rare Pepe community sought out to collaborate with the artists that inspired their previous works. After winning Ghostface Killah over with their story and artwork, Ghostface Killah recorded original music that will be sold along with crypto art that is inspired by his impact on hip-hop culture.

The owner of the NFTs will own the rights to Ghostface Killah’s original music that is incorporated in the NFT itself. Each Mint will have a different musical composition. All music is produced by Platinum Beat Service.

The crypto art is being done by MrHansel (Twitter), Scrilla (twitter), and Indelible (twitter). These artists are icons in the NFT space. 

With the auction coming up, an important question is: so ust how many NFTs are being sold at the Ghostface Killah x Fake Rare Pepe auction?

The answer is that a total of 1,871 GHOSTFACE KILLAH x Fake Rare Pepe individual NFTs will be available for Whitelisted participants. There will be 5 separate mints available on the day of the auction

1.  The rarest mint, which will have a total supply of 21 NFTs, will go to the highest bidder

2. The 1 of 100 mint will be available for whitelisters at $2,000 per NFT with the total supply of 100 NFTs

3. The 1 of 250 mint will be available for whitelisters at $1,000 per NFT with the total supply of 250 NFTs

4. The 1 of 500 mint will be available for whitelisters at $500 per NFT with a total supply of 500 NFTs

5. The 1 of 1000 mint will be available for whitelisters at $75 per NFT with a total supply of 1000 NFTs

The auction will be held on Opensea:

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