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Seattle, Washington–(Newsfile Corp. – November 26, 2021) – Blockchain Today Correspondent Ji-hye Han, the Gyedom Foundation consortium, a company specializing in blockchain platforms, announced on the 25th that they have joined forces to support the global NFT art world.

Figure 1: ‘Gyedom Consortium Partner’ ARTII, Korean Fine Arts Association and global NFT standardization agreement.

Jaian Cuttari (left), CEO of ARTII, a major partner of the Gyedom NFT Consortium, and Kwang-soo Lee (center), chairman of the Korean Fine Arts Association, and Young-goo Cho (right), chief operating officer (COO) of Gyedom.

Korean Fine Arts Association

According to the announcement, Jaian Cuttari, co-founder and CEO of ARTII, a global member of the NFT consortium of the Gyedom Foundation, visited Korea on the 24th and officially visited the Korean Fine Arts Association located at the Korean Artists Center in Mok-dong, discussed various ways of cooperation for global NFT standardization.

ARTII is a Singapore-based NFT solution and artwork sales company that combines VR and AR into films, music sources, and games, including art. Recently, Endy Warhol’s ‘Campbell Soup II (Feldman & Schellmann II.63) was divided into 1,000 shares and sold for 300,000 KRW per person. The K Contemporary Art Museum is responsible for the storage and guarantee of the artwork.

On this day, ARTII said to the Korean Fine Arts Association, “It is an honor to visit the Korea Art Association. For the past 60 years, it has hosted the Korean National Exhibition (Korea Art Exhibition), and is a group of 37,000 selected and grand prize artists. We propose to collaborate with the Gyedom NFT Consortium for a unique and innovative solution worthy of its status.”

The Korean Fine Arts Association has a number of documentary videos as well as many mid-level star painters. The two sides discussed various aspects such as holding art exhibitions in VR and metaverse using these elements of the Korea American Association, and selling and selling art through NFTs by realizing past videos and videos.

Quotes from President of the Korean Art Association

Kwang-soo Lee, president of the Korea Art Association, said, “ARTII has discovered a level differentiated from some of the above-mentioned details such as the bubble phenomenon of art prices and the controversy over counterfeiting in the recent global NFT craze. As a member of the Gyedom NFT global consortium I look forward to ARTII’s future roles.”

At the same time, “I hope that ARTII will participate as a Gyedom NFT global partner in the overseas promotion and launch of the World Art Expo (2022 Worldwide Art EXPO), which is jointly promoted by the Korea Committee of the IAA (International Art and Sculpture Association) and the Korean Fine Arts Association.”

Solution Provider for NFT

The Guyderm Foundation, the organizer of the Guyderm NFT Consortium, was selected as the exclusive solution provider for NFT and 2022 World Art Expo by the Korea Art Association on the 10th.

Young-goo, Cho Chief Operating Officer of the Gyedom Foundation, who is leading the NFT consortium by arranging the visit of the ARTII executives to the Korea American Association, said, “In the future, not only traditional art works but also films, TV dramas, online games, etc. It will not be long before the field will be regarded as a work of art.”

On this day, the Korean Fine Arts Association decided to issue a certificate of authenticity to the Gyedom NFT consortium to confirm the authenticity of the artists belonging to it. With the cooperation of the NFT Guyderm Foundation consortium and the Korean American Association, attention is focused on whether the works of many middle-aged and emerging Korean artists will advance to the world through the ARTII Network.

On the other hand, ARTII plans to finish the schedule of visiting Korea with the ‘ARTII Global App Launch Meetup Event’ to be held at The-K Hotel Seoul Avenue Hall at 3 pm on the 30th.

Source: Blockchain Today (http://www.blockchaintoday.co.kr)

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