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NFTs have become one of the most popular iterations of blockchain in modern times. This is because they allow people to transfer ownership of digital assets seamlessly and with more privacy. These days, practically everything can be minted and sold as an NFT; memes, game items, songs, and so on.

Now, it seems that outer space is getting the same treatment thanks to Celestials Stellar Club, a new NFT project that allows its users to buy NFT exoplanets. This project combines the popularity of NFTs with the long-standing appeal of space and the universe.

Rising Celestials 

According to the management of Celestials Stellar Club, the public minting of the 4,962 NFT in the collection will take place on the Ethereum blockchain on March 14, 2022, on Opensea. Each NFT will represent an exoplanet (a planet that is not in our own galaxy).

The exoplanets are verified using data from NASA and so anyone buying an NFT will receive information about the exoplanet represented by their NFT. This will include the actual age, mass, properties, and other vital information. Each NFT is rare not only because of the actual exoplanets that they represent but also because of an algorithm that creates extra rarity.

Those who hold these NFTs can use them in CSC’s web-based space exploration game. In this game, they can not only explore the capabilities of their own NFT but can explore other NFT drops and upcoming collections.

While the NFT collection will have 4,962 NFTs in total, there are also around 500 Slots for a private whitelist. A week after the sale, reveals of the planets will take place and users will then know what exoplanet they ended up with.


To The Moon

One vital thing that the CSC drop recognizes is that there is a lot of public interest in space and space exploration. Not only is the collection tapping into this by letting people essentially buy a virtual planet that the end user has ownership of, but it is also fostering a community around the topic.

CSC’s Discord group is used to bring its users together to discuss the NFTs themselves, memes, and all things in space. The Celestials Stellar Club Discord group totals over 10,000 members who are eagerly awaiting the minting of the space exploration metaverse NFTs. Ultimately, this is one of the strengths of NFTs; not only are they useful in transferring assets, but they tap into niche communities.

In the same way comic book fans would meet up physically to buy rare comics and discuss all things comic books, NFT lovers can do the same. This, in the long run, helps to secure NFTs’ place within popular and niche culture.

Projects like the Celestials Stellar club seem to be doing this, creating innovative NFT projects, one planet at a time.

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