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NFTs are being sold for millions of dollars, but it does require something special or unique to fetch that much money. With the rise in sales for NFTs, many people are ready to jump in and purchase art they can turn around and sell for more money. While it is best to hold onto artwork for at least a couple of years, it’s also important to know what to look for and what makes a good investment. Below are just a few of the things to look into before purchasing NFTs.

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Added Value to the Work

Some NFTs have added value that can make them worth more than similar pieces. It’s possible to build an avatar to be sold as an NFT, and this can bring in a good amount of money. If there is hidden content only available to the buyer, however, the value can increase. Some art includes special privileges like access to events or videos of the creation that are only accessible to the buyer.

Quality Standards

Pay attention to the resolution and file format of the NFT before purchasing. Both of these can impact the quality of the work, which can make a difference when it’s time to sell. NFTs that are saved in a low-quality format aren’t going to be as valuable as ones with a higher resolution and a better format. Where the item is stored can be important, as well, since it’s better to opt for more secure storage options.

Prior Sales

The history of owners for NFTs is stored in the blockchain technology used to buy and sell them. Every time a piece is sold, the new owner’s information is stored and cannot be changed later. This provides a useful history of prior sales and can help show the current value of the piece. It is possible to view the past values along with the owner names, so it’s easy to see if it has increased in value over time.

Current Ownership

NFT art with an extremely high value may not be accessible to many investors. However, there are other options. Fractional investments are possible today. These allow multiple people to own a piece of the NFT, making it easier for someone to own something with a high value even if they don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on the artwork. If this is something to consider, check the current ownership of the NFT and what it means to share ownership, as this can be more complicated than just purchasing a lower-valued NFT.

Personal Value

How much is the art worth personally? While artwork may be valued high, it’s useless to purchase it if it’s not something you like. Even if something is valued low, if you plan on holding onto it for a few years because you truly enjoy it, that does add some to the value. Value like this is subjective, but it is still important to consider. Long-term investments tend to rise in value, but that does mean holding onto the art. If it’s not something you like, then it’s not really worth buying. This is similar to physical art pieces. Most people won’t buy something they intend to just store and not put on display. They buy art they enjoy looking at, display it in their home or office, and then sell it when they’re ready.

NFTs have seen an increase in value, and there have been a number of high-profile sales recently. For those getting into NFTs, it can be difficult to understand how the art is valued and what they should be purchasing. With the info here, it should be possible to purchase NFTs you enjoy and that are going to have a higher value over time.

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