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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE/ December 20, 2021 / Nowadays there is a growing attention towards the cryptocurrency industry which seems offering a very optimistic and much more profitable vision than any other asset in the financial markets. however, for newcomers to the sector, the possibility of being scammed is very high, but it is also very difficult to find a safe environment for professional end influencers (KOLs) who also need to keep their reputation high. Fortunately, thanks to a visionary team, INFAM Platform was born to offer a save heaven for seniors and newcomers.

INFAM platform Alpha Demo is live

On December 15 th 2021, after a year of intense work, the INFAM team launched of the Alpha demo version of the amazing platform .

INFAM Platform is ready to be tested by providing the right information on projects / influencers / ambassadors and allowing the exchange of complete information and analytics in an intuitive and comprehensive way; all with a few simple clicks.

The following functions will be available for testing:

– secure registration of the user profile,

– creating personal business cards and sharing,

– availability of whole information regarding desired profile and/or project,

– full control of personal dashboards testing any tool.

Exclusive NFT give away contest

Introducing the unique opportunity to become the owner of spectacular NTF #4474 from the Meta-legends collection from the Top-20 of the OpenSea collection!

It’s very simple to participate to the NFT give away contest and get a piece of the Metaverse shared among all INF token holders! Rules to apply:

– Hold at least 100 INF tokens (purchased no later than December 19);

– Complete simple tasks on the link .

Offering a whole set of Benefits and staking rewards

For all : staking opportunity with exclusive APY and rewards .

For Influencers (KOLs): Project selections and personal brand promotion through the INF Platform. As more and more people come into the digital crypto class the possibility of being scammed is very high. It is difficult for people new to the sector to navigate and find a safe environment for professional end influencers who also need to keep their reputation high. Fortunately, thanks to a visionary team, INFAM Platform was born to offer a safe haven for seniors and newcomers.

For Ambassadors and Advisors : Promotion of quality projects in the IT world supported by Infam analytics.

For Projects: Promotion of projects in a few clicks and connect with influencers and ambassadors at fair prices in a few minutes.

For Users : Access to profitable projects and follow the top influencers to be always in trend.

Why INFAM platform is special?

INFAM Platform is a unique analytical rating blockchain project aiming to solve the current problem of transparency and fraud risk in any marketing activity related to Fintech and blockchain. Project’s owners, Advisors, Bloggers, Ambassadors, Influencers and Investors can easily interact with maximum benefit, through cutting edged tools provided by INFAM platform and finally find the most suitable project to participate into it and/or present their services, receiving full analytics and fair value. Moreover, $INF is the token of the ecosystem providing operations on the Platform.


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