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NFT influencer, Roy, or @Zeneca_33 has launched his NFT course on Nas Academy: How to launch an NFT project with Zeneca. This course has a price tag of $399, or $200 for 2 months. However, Zeneca is not taking a single cent out of this project. According to his tweet, 25% of the profits will go to support Ukraine. The other 75% will support artists and creators in the NFT space through his ZA Scholarship Fund.

Zeneca course
0% profit, 100% love. Credit: @Zeneca_33

This course will serve as a useful primer to anyone that is looking to start an NFT project. Participants will learn how to launch the collection, market the project, and the unspoken rules of entering the Web3 space. In addition, they can learn how to build their team and their community. For NFT investors, the course introduces various red flags when evaluating an NFT project.

Class 1 will start on 1st April, where participants only need to commit 2 hours a day over a 7-day span. Essentially, Zeneca’s experience should simplify the launch, preventing participants from running into blind spots along the way.


This name has been making rounds in the NFT space for awhile now. I mean, he has 245.1k followers on Twitter alone! But just in case you missed it, Zeneca is an NFT analyst, investor, and adviser. He is also the person behind NFT project ZenAcademy. Of course, one of the latest utilities of ZenAcademy is free access to Zeneca’s NFT course.

Roy was born and raised in Australia, and used to be a professional poker player for 15 years. He dabbled in crypto during the 2016/2017, but left when the bear market hit. He then came back to the NFT space in early 2021, starting with projects such as deekhash and rare pizzas. Roy has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the year, which makes his experience even more valuable.

If you’re interested, the course details are available on Nas Academy.

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