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This American Idol judge knows the way to finish 2021: with a song release! Katy Perry shared that her newest tune “When I’m Gone” featuring Alesso will be released on Dec 29. Her fans went absolutely wild with the surprising news.

The teaser of this song features the singer’s silky voice, with lyrics that rhyme. Behind her vocals you can hear a piano, along with Alesso’s voice. The visual for this teaser features Perry’s throwback dark hair, and a beautiful purple dress with accented ties. Over her face are images of Alesso that show up and go away.

Fans of this singer have flooded into the comment section of her post. They think that the Katy Perry they know and love is back, dark hair and everything! This song sounds very similar to other tracks on her discography, so her fans think this song is days away from topping the charts. Perry is starting the new year out right with new music. Hopefully we’ll see more music from her in the upcoming year.

Katy Perry’s NFTs Have Officially Dropped

On top of Perry’s newest single she released her first NFT collection. Six months ago this singer shared that she would be releasing NFTs with Theta Network in celebration of her Las Vegas Residency. To those who may not be familiar with the term, NFTs are typically digital, rare items that are bought using cryptocurrency. In this case, Perry will give fans access to rare digital or physical merchandise with this NFT drop. 

As of right now, her NFT collection is mostly sold out. The golden lion statue remains on sale. Fans of the artist are bidding on this gigantic piece. There were four NFTs in her collection, the golden lion, a virtual golden lion, a behind the scenes photo set of Perry looking into a mirror, and photos from her 2015 firework show.

I expect Perry will have another NFT drop in the upcoming months. She is bringing together all of the important moments of her career for her PLAY Residency, and this collection is a small part of it. She began her collection in 2015, so she realistically could drop more iconic collections.

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