Lakers: Metta World Peace Launches New NFT Along With Shoe – Sports Illustrated


When Metta was with the Lakers, he was an absolute problem for opposing teams. His mental and physical toughness was unparalleled on the court, and that led to plenty of success in Los Angeles. 

But Metta has been out of the NBA for a while, with his final game being played with the Lakers during the 2016-17 season. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to keep up that business mindset, and he still gets to launch shoes. 

His latest drop will come with a bit of a twist. In partnership with Blank Soles, Metta will be releasing an NFT. Blank Soles describes the NFT launch that features a Panda on their website. 

Blanksoles is LAUNCHING our first DESIGNSOLES in partnership with Metta world peace, NBA Champion and legend. the shoe is inspired by the panda, metta’s spirit animal.

Metta also added his own commentary about the launch this week, clearly excited about the new opportunity. 

“We have the NFT with the sneaker that comes with it. …Really excited about it, being out of the NBA for years and still being able to launch shoes. As you know, I’ve launched multiple pairs of shoes throughout my career having the entrepreneurial mindset.”

And one added benefit to all of this? We get to sit down with Metta World Peace and Blank Soles this week to further discuss the launch. So be sure to keep an eye out for that over the weekend!

Head to or visit their Twitter page to learn more about the drop. 

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