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Talented NFT artist Grelysian is proving that NFT art can be made in many unconventional ways – even Google Sheets! Grelysian created the NFT, Iteration 0, for the “Grails by PROOF Collective” NFT collection. In essence, this was a collection of about 1,000 NFTs from some of the biggest NFT creators in the space.

NFT art of a dragon made in Google Sheets
NFT artist Grelysian made “Iteration 0” in Google Sheets! Credit: Grelysian | PROOF Collective

NFT Artist Grelysian creates amazing art in Google Sheets

As noted above, the artist behind “Iteration 0” is the artist Gossamer Rozen aka Grelysian (@grelysian on Twitter). They create art in a variety of mediums, including tattooing, digital media, and animations, among many others.

To be sure, the way that Grelysian created “Iteration 0” is garnering a ton of excitement on Twitter. That is because the artist made the bulk of the NFT artwork in Google Sheets. To illustrate this, they posted a number of Tweets showing the artwork at different stages in the process. What’s more, they even posted a public link to the Google Sheet showing the initial art, as well as some of their thought process in creating it.

A grid of 12 Woodies NFTs
Grelysian might best be known as the lead artist of the Woodies NFT collection. Credit: Woodies

Grelysian is also the lead artist for the Woodies 10K NFT collection

Significantly, Grelysian first started exploring the NFT space in March 2021. They would post pieces of art and ask people if they would buy them as NFTs. Fast forward a year and Gossamer has amassed over 10,000 followers on Twitter, has released a few different NFT art collections of their own.

Most notably perhaps, Grelysian is the lead artist of the Woodies NFT collection. For those who don’t know, Woodies is a 10K NFT collection of “magical tree” avatars. Besides the art at the center of the NFT collection, Woodies is also dedicated to forest conservation.

Indeed, Woodies used mint proceeds to donate 73.824 ETH to the Trees For The Future” charity. As a matter of fact, this donation, equaling $217,000 at the time of donation in September 2021, represents one of the 10 largest charitable donations by an NFT project ever.

Screenshot of Grails by PROOF collective website
Grails by PROOF Collective is an NFT collection featuring artwork by 20 high-profile NFT artists. Credit: PROOF Collective

Major NFT artists join forces for “Grails by PROOF Collective”

It’s important to note that this latest piece of NFT art from Grelysian is part of a larger project. Specifically, it is part of the “Grails by PROOF Collective” NFT collection. To explain, PROOF Collective is a private, members-only collective of 1,00 NFT artists and collectors. PROOF also puts out a podcast covering all things NFTs.

Membership of PROOF comes through owning the PROOF Collective NFTs. Naturally, there are 1,000 NFTs available. However, to say that PROOF Collective is exclusive is an understatement, given that the floor price for the membership NFTs is 33 ETH or about $81,400 at the time of writing.

The Grails collection went live on Feb. 25. In essence, this NFT collection comprises the work of 20 creators with a major presence in the NFT space. To list just a few of the names behind the Grails NFT art, there’s VeeFriends creator Gary Vee, CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs, and Art Blocks icons Dmitri Cherniak and Tyler Hobbs. Not to mention that the collection contains the first NFT by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

It will come as no surprise that the collection has soared since its mint. The floor for the overall collection is currently at 2.98 ETH. Meanwhile, Grelysian’s 15 editions of “Iteration 0” have a floor price of 4.6 ETH. Clearly, this shows that you can create amazing NFT art in so many ways. Although if you’re going to go with Google Sheets, it certainly helps if you’re already a hugely talented artist like Grelysian.

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