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TORONTO, Ontario, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The real estate industry is about to be disrupted thanks to Meta Space Babies (MSB), the first business-driven NFT. The project is building a platform that removes middlemen, giving users unrivalled control over their financial futures. The project’s real estate platform will be a one-stop-shop where all property-related needs can be fulfilled through MSB’s simple downloadable app. Homeowners can list houses, product creators can sell items, service providers can offer work, and aspiring homeowners can submit offers. The platform will leverage the full power of blockchain. MSB’s goal is to move all housing transactions on-chain.

Instead of adding to the restrictions and limitations, MSB is adding much-needed opportunity, liquidity and accuracy to the real estate industry. Tokenization allows people in different financial situations to participate in real estate. There is the quick transactions and easy money deployment. Bureaucratic nightmares like land titles are eliminated, creating a less expensive and more reliable system. By combining all of these features into one platform, MSB will offer multiple paths to get involved in the real estate industry — whether it is the purchase and sale, or the products and services side. Middlemen exist because they serve a purpose, such as verifying a transaction or brokering a deal. Blockchain contracts can handle these simple tasks, replacing unnecessary and costly middlemen from the process. Real estate opportunity will no longer be restricted to the wealthy and established. Meta Space Babies is eager to unlock new value in the traditional real estate market.

“Like blockchain, MSB’s platform will set a new market standard by giving people the opportunity and transparency they deserve,” says Kongodorian, MSB’s co-founder and business developer. “Real estate is littered with red tape. It’s difficult for homeowners to find the services they need — when they need them. With a few sensible innovations, MSB is pulling this industry forward. Consumers and creators alike are looking for direct ways to participate and contribute. But they are obstructed at every turn – sometimes red tape, other times the commission and processing fees. Our team thought: if we could make a straight and easy path to all things real estate, focusing on the users’ needs, then that could add real long-term value.”

MSB is offering 10,000 NFTs for mint on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-sale mint is happening through MSB’s official website on April 2, 2022 exclusively for whitelisted members. Spots are still available but are filling up quickly. There are four ways to get whitelisted — plus contests. MSB is empowering member-led innovation by giving control to its community. Holders can develop ideas and launch their own projects through MSB’s two-lane Roadmap. The NFT project also has six distinct charity partners that support people and the planet with medicine, fresh water, animal sanctuaries, tree planting, and ocean cleanup. Each of MSB’s charity partners will receive at least a $10,000 donation upon pre-sale sellout — in addition to ongoing quarterly donations. All of these details and more are available in MSB’s discord server.

The NFT’s story follows the Meta Space Babies, an advanced species from the future, who are escaping back through time after their home planet was destroyed by a mysterious force. Each Meta Space Baby is bestowed with rare traits from their home planet. Can they band together and use their abilities to save the Metaverse from oblivion? Meta Space Babies was created by Kongodorian and Bacchus, two entrepreneurs passionate about extending financial freedom to people around the world.


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