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ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2022 / Swiss-based DAO business metaverse for content creators, MetaStudio, launches its first NFT series called Founders. The initiative seeks to empower the NFT community by bringing real utility to the market. The company believes that even though NFTs are a considerable part of the WEB3 future, there must be real benefits for users in order for the NFT market to recover and work properly. Therefore, MetaStudio partners with like-minded companies to introduce a pure utility NFT series which brings significant benefits to all buyers.

The idea behind the Founders NFT(hyperlink to Collection), is that instead of building the platform with support from traditional investment, MetaStudio is being built with support from the community, for the community. Each of the 1000 NFT buyers will be one of MetaStudio’s founders for perpetuity.

The proposed benefits from the NFTs offered by MetaStudio will be based on the buyers’ activities on the platform. Those who buy the NFTs will be given priority on the platform and receive enough tokens to get back the money they already spent. At present, for the silver NFT, they receive tokens worth one hundred dollars, meaning the moment the company launches its NFTs, the buyer will get their investment back. In addition to that, based on the level of the NFTs, the buyer will be given access to workshops and training sessions on how to make more money as a content creator. The buyers will also be given VIP access, hotel rooms and other facilities for Crypto Expo Europe, which will be held in March 2023.

Commenting on the initiative, the company’s CEO, Adrian Niculescu, says that “we don’t plan to be an NFT exchange, NFT is a means to a larger purpose for us. Besides real utility in our future metaverse platform and the opportunity to increase value, this series is unique in that the sale value of each NFT will be guaranteed, and owners will be able to use the NFT as collateral to borrow liquidity. If you own a MetaStudio NFT, from the ‘Founders’ collection and you need liquidity, you can just go on NFTuLoan and borrow liquidity by using the NFT as a guarantee”

The business model of MetaStudio seeks to solve three main issues faced by content creators. Those issues include unfair rules and abuses by popular platforms, huge commissions paid by the creators and lack of privacy. The decentralized platform developed by the company provides full power of decision, financial control, privacy and freedom for the creators. The new NFT series also seeks to empower the creator community by giving them more benefits and utilities.

About MetaStudio

MetaStudio is a FINMA-approved decentralized platform for content creators and influencers, providing them with full ownership, DAO management, WEB3 privacy and an easy-to-use experience. MetaStudio is building a metaverse platform where creators can sell their content in complete privacy, and retail ownership, receive all the profit and make decisions. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and was founded in early 2022.

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