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BERLIN, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — IggyBoy, an NFT collection created by the startup project 1ATH.Studio, has offered the position of IggyBoy Alpha membership to interested individuals.

This free-to-all method for casting new top-tier members on an NFT project is unprecedented and depicts the young project’s enthusiasm to uphold the decentralized standard of cryptocurrency in new dimensions. In effect, the move further strengthens the transparency and bond of IggyBoy’s rapidly growing community.

According to the IggyBoy team, providing indiscriminate access to Alpha slots is a major leap towards the project’s goal of achieving a fully decentralized platform.

The liberal community of crypto prides itself in an objective consensus system, where participants of a network have a vote on its operating protocols. Initially created to provide a decentralized currency, crypto has evolved into other facets of life – taking away the classic utilitarian approach of running organizations across various industries such as financial institutions, entertainment and sports – and ushering in a new world of decentralized apps with operating terms defined by its users.

Benefits of the Alpha Membership Status

To start off, the IggyBoy team rewards successful aspirants with 2 IggyBoy NFTs as a welcome gift.

Chosen applicants earn a seat amongst upper echelon IggyBoy team members, project founders and veteran OGs; bouncing back and forth ideas on the collections day-to-day operations, including strategies to increase the project’s growth and exposure in the NFT space.

Furthermore, accepted individuals are entitled to exclusive access to imminent IggyBoy offerings. An OG status grants an automatic spot on the whitelist for soon-to-be rolled-out projects, providing several benefits and priorities for Alphas in the process.

IggyBoy also promises to share delicate information regarding the project’s inner workings, statistics, and metrics.

In addition, Alpha members are entitled to a portion of the royalty share pool, allowing them to partake in the project’s profits generated from NFT resale taxes.

Those interested in IggyBoy mining can check their Discord for more information as well as participate in the mining event:

Requirements for Securing the IggyBoy Alpha Role

First and foremost, all applying entities must own at least 10 IggyBoy digital collectibles.

As a rite of passage, considered aspirants are required to meet certain criteria. To bid for an Iggy Alpha position, candidates must have prior experience as an OG or Alpha on other established NFT projects, ranging from a mid-to-high profile.

The prerequisite of previous areas of experience is loosened to an extent for Crypto Experts who despite lacking experience in NFT projects, are allowed to join in the bidding exercise as a virtue of their knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Crypto also forms a major part of NFT projects.

Individuals with decision-making skills honed by previous job posts entailing managerial duties could also be an asset to the IggBoy. Although these fields may not be closely related to crypto enterprises, such applicants will be considered on the merit of their gumption, ability to coordinate teams, and oversee activities to yield efficient results.

Besides work experience, IggyBoy says that the screening process will favor applicants that display the ability to think on their feet, and adapt quickly. The NFT’s recruiting team believes witty thinking is a pivotal tool amidst the ever-changing nature of NFT and the metaverse. This industry is characterized by the daily development of new technology and operation techniques.

In a nutshell, the recruitment exercise requires applying persons to have a decent amount of involvement in careers that prepare them to effectively handle the responsibilities of the alpha role.

A disclaimer was given by the IggyBoy team to clarify the nature of the invitation: “We cannot guarantee a position but we will carefully review each application and explain current responsibilities”.

Duty of Iggyboy Alphas

Alpha members are charged with the responsibility of representing the IggyBoy community’s interest on any media channel deemed fit. Furthermore, they will be communicating the demands, issues, and current status of the community directly with the IggyBoy team. If you think you fit the requirements, this could be a chance to become an Alpha of one of the best NFT projects. Just open a ticket on the IggyBoy Discord server:

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