NFTsAnonymous Just Sold Their BAYC NFT…For A Loss. Here’s Why: –


Popular NFT community ambassador NFTsAnonymous has sold his BAYC NFT for a below-market price of 83.8 ETH. The current floor price of a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is much higher. In fact, the average price sale yesterday was 126 ETH.However, considering other factors, such as rarity, a conservative floor was 100 ETH. 

Image of a white BAYC NFT with sunglasses and an orange background
NFTsAnonymous sold his BAYC NFT for 83.884 ETH, prompting confusion and shock in the NFT community. Credit:BAYC

Why would anyone sell a BAYC NFT below the floor price?

So, why did, NFTsAnonymous sell his BAYC for 83.8 ETH. Well, for NFTsAnonymous, the answer was simple. Basically, he sold it because he wanted to and didn’t think others should concern themselves.

In a series of Tweets, he explained his decision and why he subsequently brought a Milady Maker NFT straight after. He said, ” Many people showed their true colours today. I’m perfectly fine. I’m content with my trades. I shared this one today because I knew it would make so many people emotional.”

He also added that the BAYC NFT sale even got him kicked out of some groups and blocked by others. Notably, the Bored Ape in question (#2802), is now listed at 104 ETH.

The purchase of the Milady Maker NFT for 15 ETH is questionable yet unfortunate. The floor price yesterday was 1.3 ETH. Recently, rumours have begun to circulate across Twitter about racist and Nazi links. There are now various threads with historical group chat messages and more.

Will the Bored Ape price rise?

The popularity of the BAYC NFT remains high, and the team behind the project, Yuga Labs, are continuing to make waves in the NFT community. In the last few months, most popular NFTs have found themselves falling in price. However, this appears to coincide with the whole cryptocurrency market being down.

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