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, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ultra-contemporary Artist Amy Karle, one of the BBC’s Most Inspiring and Influential Women, is set to become one of the leading female artists in the blockchain space. Karle’s career trajectory – which operates within the nexus of where digital and biological systems merge – has already seen her art become a cultural phenomenon in the bio-futurist space and in museums around the world. Karle questions “how technology could shape humanity and alter the course of the future”. If there was ever an artist pre-built for the Metaverse, Amy Karle is it.

Karle joins a wave of innovative creators working with Keevo to verify their profiles and authenticate their artwork with a new Keevo solution, NgraphT. NgraphT brings together Keevo’s next gen crypto hardware wallet, Iron Mountain, Crozier Fine Art, and Notarize to provide the most trustworthy NFTs on the blockchain. Learn more:

Amy Karle stepped into the NFT space through her bio-artwork leveraging blockchain for biology. Encouraged by NFT collectors to curate and share her NFT artwork, her first drop has been highly anticipated. Half of the collection sold out in the first 30 minutes during the early access mint-list. The collection opens for public sale on 2/16/22 at

Karle’s genesis drop, The Skull Collection, is a series of artworks created from 3D scans of a human skull illuminating her explorations into the legacy of our digital remains after we die. The Skull Collection takes the concept of life after death and puts it in the context of blockchain technology, asking us to consider how we can transcend the physical into the decentralized digital.

Rumors of Karle creating an NFT drop have sent the traditional art-world into a frenzy with global key players pre-booking Karle for exhibits including her NFTs. Her NFTs are solid investments, as her value in the space is projected to sky-rocket because of her reputation and trajectory as an artist. Karle has already exhibited in The Centre Pompidou, Mori Art Museum, Smithsonian, and more.

What else can we expect from Karle? She is known for her bioart relating to enhancements and high-fashion wearables – her transition into the metaverse offers an exciting scope of possibilities across couture, wearables, skins, bio-avatars, and enhancements. She intends to create garments for the metaverse; generative bioart NFTs; NFT with sculptures, and a new series of crypto/physical artworks concerning the body and capitalism, DNA, ethics of technology, and digital afterlife. Karle states: “I am committed to this long-term… I see decentralization as a vehicle to transcend the physical limitations of what art – and our lives – can be.”


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