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The Pokémon Company International sued Australian company Pokémon Pty Ltd for trademark infringement on their NFT game Pokéworld. The company, also known as Kotiota Studios, recently launched the play-to-earn game. The Pokémon Company claims too much similarity between the NFT game and its own franchise.

Pokéworld, a play-to-earn game featuring Pokémon NFTs.
The Pokémon NFT sue revolves around the recently launched web3 game: Pokéworld.

Image Credit: NFT Calendar

Why is The Pokémon Company suing the Australian firm?

According to the lawsuit, Pokéworld is a “virtual world game” that allows players to collect and trade virtual creatures, similar to the concept of The Pokémon Company’s own games. The Pokémon Company argues they cannot use of the word “Pokémon” in the name and branding of Pokéworld. They also claim it may cause confusion among consumers, who may think the game relates to The Pokémon Company.

The Pokémon Company seeks damages and an injunction to stop Kotiota Studios from using the Pokémon name in connection with the game. This Pokémon NFT sue also requests the destruction of all materials related to the game. Additionally, they demand all advertising or promotional materials be removed from any platform.

What is Pokéworld?

Pokéworld, on the other hand, advertises itself as an NFT-powered game, with players able to buy and sell virtual creatures. Yet, their official website lacks clarity on how much of a role NFTs will play in the final version of the game. Nevertheless, it appears Kotiota Studios attempts to tap into the current interest in NFTs among gamers and investors, even after this Pokémon NFT sue.

Pokéworld has generated some buzz among gaming and cryptocurrency communities. Nevertheless, The Pokémon Company nor Nintendo have announced any plans to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their own games. Theses NFTs, sold and traded on blockchain platforms, gained popularity in recent years as a way for artists and content creators to sell digital collectibles.

Pokéworld official website showcases Pokémons to be used in-game.
Pokéworld collectibles include Pokémon partners to fight and take care of.

Image Credit: Pokéworld

The Pokémon Company’s lawsuit against Kotiota Studios highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property. Nothing shows especially in the digital age where it can be easier for others to borrow or imitate popular franchises. It remains to be seen how the Pokémon NFT sue will play out, but it serves as a reminder for companies to carefully consider the potential legal implications of their branding and marketing strategies.

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