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Spain, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Prime Numbers is announcing the launch of their multichain NFT marketplace, The marketplace will allow users to trade NFTs from all EVM-compatible blockchains, as well as import and export smart contracts for their collections. The objective of Primeport is to increase NFT trading, allow artists to create collections, and bring avid NFT collectors and traders into the XDC ecosystem.

Prime Numbers is the first DAO, NFT project and Lending and Borrowing protocol on the XDC Network. With partners like XDCdomains and ZeroFreePunks, the Prime Numbers ecosystem allows users to manage decentralized assets in a secure and trustless environment, and plans to generate funds for the community through various mechanisms, including staking tokens, royalties from NFT collections, distribution of fees from the marketplace, and 40% of the profits from their lending and borrowing protocol, Prime Numbers Finance

Prime Numbers Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that enables the borrowing and lending of cryptocurrency and NFTs is currently being developed by the Prime Numbers platform. Prime Numbers Finance is the first project in the XDC ecosystem that focuses on lending and borrowing cryptocurrency through a pooled liquidity system. With this announcement, XDC users will finally be able to earn from interest paid on loans without third parties.

In order to earn various rewards with Prime Numbers, users will need to stake their $PRNT or $XDC. However, unlike traditional staking platforms, users stake within the NFTs, which means the staked tokens will add intrinsic value to the NFT and can be traded along with the NFT on any NFT marketplace as a packaged deal.

This announcement comes as exciting news for the blockchain ecosystem as it marks another step forward in the development of decentralized applications. Visit the Prime Numbers website and Whitepaper to learn more.  

About Prime Numbers:

Prime Numbers is an ecosystem composed by protocols that combines DeFi protocols with NFTs to create value for its community on the XDC Blockchain. The ecosystem has several moving parts including PRNT NFTs – where where users can stake PRNT tokens inside the native PRNT NFTs for rewards from the platform, the PrimePort NFT Marketplace – multichain NFT marketplace where you can trade NFTs from all the EVM blockchains, and Prime Numbers Finance – the first lending and borrowing platform in the XDC network for cryptocurrency and NFTs. Part of the revenue from this protocol will go to PRNT NFT & XDC Staking NFT holders.

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