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Savion Glover Launches New Theater NFT Series

Savion Glover, Tony Award winner, is the ultimate artistic hyphenate. From stage to screen, and now in the crypto universe, Savion is proud to launch his own NFT (non-fungible token) collection – in partnership with Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, who teamed-up with digital disruptor AkoinNFT. The time for “I Am” is now.

NFTs are digital art and experiences sold through blockchain technology and offer a unique set of owner rights via an embedded smart-contract. NFTs assure that creators are compensated, in perpetuity, each time the piece sells, thereby providing an ongoing revenue stream.

“My NFTs are all about connection,” says Savion. “I look forward to audiences and fans connecting with me, and I look forward to giving them a glimpse of unscripted moments, the hard work, and the vision to creatively inspire, deliver and ultimately, connect.”

In Savion’s NFT Preview #1, “My Voice,” available now, we follow his steps to the theater, rehearsing and proclaiming his place in the NFT space using dance as his voice.

In Savion’s NFT Preview #2, entitled “I Am,” available beginning December 16, Savion inspires us, through authentic self-discovery. He tells us that “In the beginning there is sound. I believe, that from this sound, ‘I Am’.”

Savion’s NFTs are a path for people to think differently and look at the world in a distinct way because every person is unique, and someone else’s journey should not be the benchmark of success.

Collectors of “My Voice” and “I Am” will also receive a Savion signed and numbered keepsake print suitable for framing. There is a collection size of 300 copies of each Preview.

Savion’s NFT Preview #1 and NFT Preview #2 will be available at for .025 ETH (just under $110, each). The Previews can also be viewed at:

Following the Preview NFTs, will be a collection of more significant and in-depth Savion Glover NFTs called “SoNg-ALoNgz” The SoNg-ALoNgz, which include live instrumental performances and the spoken words of Savion pay homage to the masters of dance and music, past and present, that have inspired Savion throughout his artistic journey.

Savion Glover‘s preview NFTs are available to be viewed here:

Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment expects to become the bridge between Broadway and the NFT world. People want the excitement of live performance to be accessible in their homes, and while their first offerings are the Savion Glover NFTs, they plan to expand this with other artists and shows in the coming months.

“With Savion’s NFTS, we are providing a special experience that connects fans and unites them with Savion Glover and reminds them what is so special about a live experience” said Bob Nederlander, Jr. of Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment.

“These NFTs will give us an up close, inside look at live theater, said Jon Karas, President of AkoinNFT. “We could not be more excited to be sharing these experiences with Broadway fans all over the world, connecting them with the power of digital art delivered through the blockchain.”

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