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Ozzy Osbourne recently got in on the NFT trend with a line of digital tokens called Cryptobatz, which are colorful cartoon bats that were made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his infamous biting incident. Now, he’s announced a new feature of the NFT’s dubbed Mutantbatz that gives users a “biting utility” so they can take a chomp out of another person’s bat and harness some of their features. The actual NFT’s themselves will likely only appeal to a small subset of Ozzy’s fanbase who own one of the 9,666 Cryptobatz, but everyone can enjoy the utterly deranged commercial he made to go along with the Mutantbatz announcement. 

The minute-long vid is written, shot and narrated like a parody of a Nineties-style TV ad — replete with ancient computers, kids dressed like MTV-era scoundrels and plenty of over-exaggerated acting moments from the Prince of Darkness himself. In the commercial, Ozzy is dressed in a lavish leopard-print robe, and he’s seen smiling like a madman while he chases cartoon bats around his kitchen and gives a doofy thumbs up while various critters materialize above his palm. 

It looks like Ozzy had a lot of fun while making this thing, and it’s a worth a watch even if you don’t care about NFT’s. Check it out below via Twitter. 

Introducing… MUTANTBATZ!

— Ozzy Osbourne (@OzzyOsbourne) February 15, 2022

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