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LONDON, March 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The ShibafriendNFT Metaverse is a Triple-A metaverse surrounded by Shiba Cities NFT, actual landmarks, and buildings. In the ShibafriendNFT Metaverse, Shiba Pets NFT with 3D movements is free to run and roam. In addition, the metaverse includes activities and tasks for participants to perform and earn rewards.

The ShibafriendNFT Metaverse is filled with distinctive and unique landmarks and buildings. In addition, there is the availability of different commands to hang out, explore, socialize, trade, and play to earn tokens.

ShibafriendNFT is the first to release a Shiba Play-to-Earn game for casual gamers, female gamers, Shiba lovers, dog lovers, and pet lovers. ShibafriendNFT aims at all gamers, including female gamers, who make up more than 50% of the gaming industry.

The ShibafriendNFT Metaverse features:

  • Metaverse – Shiba lovers, Pet lovers, can explore the Shiba Pet Metaverse perform activities and tasks to earn rewards.
  • The ShibafriendNFT DeFi – Players can receive up to 80% of financial assistance to buy Shiba NFT Pets, Shiba NFT land, landmarks, and buildings in the metaverse.
  • Shiba Pet NFT – The ShibafriendNFT is the first who provide 22 sets of Cute 3D SHIBA NFT to play in the Shiba Music Beat GameFi app. They will expand the NFT Pets to other breeds. Everyone can buy, sell and trade over 100 cities of iconic NFT lands, landmarks, and buildings in the ShibaCity Metaverse.
  • GameFi – Shiba Music Beat:

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