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GameFi project Star Atlas offers a massive 80% sale on multiple multi-million dollar Titan class NFT ships, coinciding with the FTX crash that affected many projects

NFT strategy game, Star Atlas announces on its Twitter a limited edition sale of multi-million dollar Titan class ships. The sale is only kicking off for a limited time, so if you’re interested read on further to know more.

Star Atlas is a unique space exploration MMORPG game that’s built on the Solana blockchain. The highly-anticipated sale will be part of a discount event featuring major discounts on a series of its most expensive Titan class NFT assets.

The Titan ships event will feature a total mint of 3 Titans for each of the game’s three major factions, with each ship having a base price of $5 million. However, during the first week of sales, the vessel will include an 80% discount, reducing their price to only $1 million each.

The sale occurs simultaneously with the game’s upcoming in-game browser module called “Golden Era”. This event kicks off first with the Titan ship sales then will feature more upcoming exclusive sales such as Habitations and Special ships.

Star Atlas is a futuristic MMORPG blockchain game that’s built on the Solana blockchain. Featuring a metaverse-style futuristic setting, the game allows players to go on quests, claim territories and socialize with others within the web3 space. 

Michael Wagner, CEO of ATMTA Inc, along with co-founders Danny Floyd, Jacob Floyd, and Pablo Quiroga are responsible for the creation behind the game. 

Players can purchase and hold NFTs of different varieties in Star Atlas. Ships, Collectibles, Structures, and Badges are available to be purchased by players with each having its own brand of in-game utility and rarity.

There’s a lot to go through on Star Atlas. To learn more about Star Atlas and how its token prices are doing, visit chainplay to get a comprehensive understanding of the game.

In total, there are going to be 4 sales in operation at the event.

  • Titan Ship Sales
  • Special Ship Sales
  • Claim Stake Sales
  • Central Space Station Land and Habitations Sale

The Titan Ship sales and Special Ship sales will feature an 80% discount in their first week but will be reduced by 10% for each coming week until its fourth week. Investors will also receive a unique commemorative ship skin if they decide to purchase during the sale.

The Claim Stakes can be used to lay claim to a plot, giving you access to its local resources. It will be sold in 5 different tiers. Moreover, the Land claims will include a 10% discount on all eventual lands that will become available.

Star Atlas is one of the many projects affected by the recent FTX collapse. This upcoming sale can provide its fans a way to show support for the project while also receiving an in-game advantage and cool aesthetic cosmetics.

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