teamLab 2022 Matter Is Void NFT Artwork Project – HYPEBEAST


In an exploration of the idea of ownership, teamLab has presented a new NFT artwork titled “Matter Is Void.”

The solo meta project contains a sequential series of five black-painted grey slabs with the phrase ‘matter is void’ vertically centered. On each slab, the letters in the phrase become smudged and gradually illegible – almost disappearing.

Devised by teamLab, the artwork’s phrase allows the NFT owner to rewrite the words, further increasing or decreasing the value depending on the number of downloads.

In a company statement, the creators revealed: “The way in which the words revolve is visually perceived as moving simultaneously clockwise and counterclockwise, and depending on which movement is consciously followed, the words can appear to be moving in either direction.“

Further information on the project can be found on the teamLab website.

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