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Beautiful art, a unique utility token, nostalgia, and weed!

Christian Jensen

If the first few days of March are representative of the rest of the month, this is shaping up to be a wild one for the NFT space! All six projects I cover here are launching on March 1st and 2nd, and I’ve already got several more lined up for the 3rd and 4th.

As always, none of what I say here is financial advice. I just share my research and hope you’ll be able to benefit from the many hours I put into staying on top of what’s going on in the world of NFTs. The projects I choose to highlight are likely to sell out fast but are by no means guaranteed to be good long-term investments.

In other words, this post is only the first step in your research. Now it’s up to you to gather the intel necessary for you to make a decision about whether to buy a given project or not. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most promising projects launching in the next couple of days.

The Ethereal collection’s artwork is created with the intention of depicting women from their ethereal side. I think this quote from the artist, Asia Ladowska, sums it up beautifully:

“I want to say, it’s ok to lack confidence, and to feel weak or sad. But while I like to think of myself as strong and independent, I know I am also shy, quiet and not very confident at all. I was not scared to ask for help and work with a team of passionate and creative guys to bring my collection to light. They believed in my values, and I trust and believe they can support me, our project, and our community.”

I personally love any project that strengthens the representation of women in the NFT space. I also love how Ethereal is doing it differently than most of the other female-focused collections by acknowledging and embracing women’s more vulnerable emotions. I believe it’s a great inspiration for all of us, regardless of gender identification.

The mission behind Ethereal is to build a thriving community of talented women and artists from all over the world. As an owner of an Ethereal NFT, you’ll get a say in how the community wallet’s funds will be spent, access to exclusive giveaways and merchandise, and free access to future events and workshops.

I encourage you to check out Asia Ladowska’s Instagram account (with more than 1 million followers) and spend some time with the other 118,000 members in the Ethereal Discord.

  • When? March 1, 4 pm UTC
  • How many? 10,000
  • How much? 0.25 ETH

Satoshi Runners is a collection of 7,777 pixel art cyberpunk mercenaries in a very distinctive style and color palette. Aside from the cool artwork, what’s really interesting is the ability to stake your Satoshi Runners to earn the native $SATOSHI token, which can, in turn, be spent to buy whitelist spots for various projects through the project’s Alpha Marketplace.

With at least 2 Satoshi Runners and 300 $SATOSHI, you’ll soon be able to breed a Baby Satoshi as well. The team will also buy land in The Sandbox and/or Decentraland for their future metaverse plans, which will also see the introduction of 3D VX Satoshi Runners.

Much of Satoshi Runners’ future success will depend on the quality of the whitelist opportunities offered to the community, along with the tokenomics and the price of each spot. The team has already demonstrated their ability to forge partnerships and the strength of their network though. You can learn more about that in their Discord and in this feature on

The project has a large and engaged community on Discord which also seems to believe in the prospects. I’m also intrigued enough to consider picking up a Satoshi Runner or two myself.

  • When? March 1, 7 pm UTC
  • How many? 7,777
  • How much? 0.09 ETH

The Cartoons project is built on the belief that the kid in all of us is still present and that we all deserve to express it as we wish. We’ve seen multiple NFT projects do very well with this theme, catering to people’s sense of nostalgia.

The team has a ton of interesting plans for the Cartoons brand. In addition to the standard giveaways and new NFTs, you can expect to see physical products such as comics, cereal boxes, merchandise, and more, as well as a launchpad for other projects and even a TV show in the future.

To me, Cartoons is a bet on the brand, its IP, and the team’s ability to make good use of it. I love the artwork and the ideas the team has presented so far, along with the fact that all five team members are fully doxxed and highly experienced. I also love to see that a large and strong community of 42,000 Discord members has already formed around the project.

  • When? March 1, 11 pm UTC
  • How many? 7,777
  • How much? 0.07 ETH

As with many other projects, the Puffy Paws Pack roadmap shows staking, merchandise, exclusive access to webinars, and plans for a second NFT drop down the line. What’s more interesting than any of that though is the artwork.

The Puffy Paws essentially look like digital renderings of stuffed toy dogs, created in a very realistic 3D style with lots of details. Many people seem to like the artwork and the path to physical toys is pretty obvious, whether it’s on the roadmap or not.

The artist behind the project has been working in film and animation since the age of 12 with work done for companies like Universal Music Group and Electronic Arts. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information about the team around the project — if one exists.

What you’re really buying with this project is a very distinctive type of art with some clear opportunities associated with it. If you’re into it, I’d suggest joining the 69,000 members who are already in the project’s Discord server.

  • When? March 2, 4 pm UTC
  • How many? 8,888
  • How much? 0.06 ETH

Now, let’s make a smooth transition from stuffed toy animals to weed and take a moment to appreciate the NFT space for everything it stands for (nostalgia and getting high are certainly two important facets).

WeedGang is a multiplayer play-to-earn strategy game, combining DeFi and utility-based NFTs. There’s a lot to unpack here, so I highly encourage you to study up on their website. For now, I’ll try to give you the high-level intro.

In a nutshell, the game is about growing weed. You need a Strain NFT and a PLOT of land to grow it on. The first PLOT NFTs have already been distributed to the community with more available for purchase on the upcoming in-game marketplace. To buy a PLOT you’ll need $RAKS, the in-game currency earned by staking your Strain. And all this will include a competitive aspect as well.

In addition to the game, which is really interesting in and of itself, the team is planning an expansion into both the metaverse and the analog world. The latter will include premium access to clubs, events, apparel drops, and exclusive partnership NFT launches.

It’s a unique project, the 4-man team is fully doxxed, and the Discord is buzzing. I’m really excited to follow along and potentially pick up some Strains myself!

  • When? March 2
  • How many? 9,000
  • How much? 0.08 ETH

The last project I’ll cover today is Antonym. And my coverage will be very surface-level! It’s not because of a lack of interest though. In fact, I’m extremely curious about this project and excited to see how the launch pans out. Rather, I simply haven’t been able to see underneath the surface because of how exclusive and secretive the project is.

Here’s what I can tell though: The art that’s been teased looks absolutely amazing. Very unique, very artistic, very exclusive. I want it. But I’m fairly certain I won’t be able to get it. Just check out the examples below and more on their Instagram account.

What I can also tell you is that there doesn’t seem to be a website for the project. I don’t really know who’s behind it. I assume there’s a Discord server, but it feels like one of those ultra-exclusive underground clubs that we mere mortals don’t even know exists. But we kinda know it does…

The team recently published a graphic with the mint details. So here’s what’ll happen: 8,888 NFTs will go up for sale, split 50/50 between a private and a public sale. The private sale will take place on March 1 with a mint price of 0.185 ETH. The public sale will happen a day later in the form of a Dutch auction, starting 20% above the floor price on OpenSea at that moment.

Mint details published by the Antonym team

I like the mystery, I like the art, I like the new take on pricing the NFTs in the public sale. It’s definitely gonna be interesting to follow, although I feel like I’m simply watching from a cheap seat on the sidelines while the most well-connected rich kids go to the party.

  • When? March 2
  • How many? 8,888
  • How much? Dutch auction (starting 20% above OS floor)

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