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, /PRNewswire/ — The global blockchain event NFT Taipei will run from December 9-18 in Taiwan’s capital. One of the hosts, the Top 5 layer-1 blockchain ThunderCore, is powering the NFT ticketing for the event and holding its own side event, Fun Taipei. The ThunderCore team is hoping to reach out to more NFT projects and gaming startups through its participation in the yearly conference.

ThunderCore founder Chris Wang is scheduled to speak at NFT Taipei on the importance of Web2.5 and how blockchain technology can gain mass adoption. He will be joined in the lineup by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, co-founder of Animoca Brands Yat Siu, The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget, and Dapper Labs VP of Gaming Partnerships Fan Shen, among other celebrated attendees.

ThunderCore is a high-performance public blockchain with gas fees at a fraction of a cent and sub-second confirmation times. It’s home to a massive ecosystem of NFT platforms, DeFi protocols, and GameFi games. Its monthly-active-user count is consistently over 400,000, and the chain excels in ecosystem retention, making it one of the key Web3 players to watch in 2023.

NFT ticketing and Fun Taipei

ThunderCore is powering the NFT ticketing for the main event of NFT Taipei. The tickets can be acquired through the online-ticketing-website ACCUPASS and are delivered to a TT Wallet address. TT Wallet is the cutting-edge crypto wallet that is the native wallet of the ThunderCore ecosystem. User retention remains a core tenet of ThunderCore’s mission and has contributed immensely to the nascent Web3 ecosystem’s growth during 2022.

ThunderCore is also putting on a side event for attendees of the conference called Fun Taipei. Users can participate in this side event by buying tickets for NFT Taipei or finishing a task on the Dream Pass website. The NFT tickets are being handled in conjunction with RE:DREAMER, a ThunderCore partner. RE:DREAMER re-imagines e-commerce for the metaverse with its Redeem Protocol, which makes it easy for the physical redemption of NFTs. The two partners are both strong believers in the online-merge-offline (OMO) aspect of Web3.

Featured speaker Chris Wang

ThunderCore founder Chris Wang, who previously sold his social gaming company Playdom to Disney for $563M, will be one of the headline speakers at NFT Taipei. When Chris first created Playdom, it was because Facebook had recently opened up its API to third-party developers. Chris knew at the time that he’d be better off building in an ecosystem that knew how to retain its users.

Founding ThunderCore

Since founding ThunderCore, Chris has taken the same approach. He has turned his blockchain into one of the most heavily trafficked in the world. The focus on ecosystem retention – which is done with a combination of recommendation algorithms, powerful AI tools, and other techniques – has led ThunderCore to routinely reach near the top of the charts on DappRadar for daily active users.

Blockchain mass adoption

Chris believes that blockchain technology will reach mass adoption when developers master both ecosystem retention and user acquisition. ThunderCore has the first part down, and now it’s focused on onboarding the next billion blockchain users with a Web2.5 approach. 

The vast majority of people online are still lingering on the old internet. The idea of Web2.5 is to make it easy for Web2 companies to reach these people by introducing Web3 features like NFTs into their traditional apps. NFTs are a particular focus, as they can be used for ticketing, airdrops, loyalty rewards programs, and much more.

ThunderCore has developed a toolkit to help Web2 developers for this purpose. The company helps its partners break into Web3 with its groundbreaking ThunderGene API tool, which allows for the easy deployment of blockchain features in any software.

Chris will be speaking on the aforementioned topics and educating his audience on how they can collectively accelerate blockchain mass adoption.

About NFT Taipei

NFT Taipei is the premier large-scale NFT event in Taiwan and the first of its kind. It’s held by the Taiwan NFT Application & Development Association (NADA) with help from businesses around the Web3 sector. Come join the celebration of everything related to NFTs! The event has participants from every part of the Web3 business, including gaming, the metaverse, phygital, and e-commerce. There’s also an art fair, a chance to network with industry players, and other satellite activities. NFT Taipei pushes the boundaries of NFT applications and public awareness.

About ThunderCore

ThunderCore is a powerful and ultra-fast Web3 ecosystem and layer-1 chain that delivers elite performance and cost-effective scalability for thousands of crypto projects. Its proof-of-stake (PoS) architecture and strong developer support provide a battle-tested home for the next generation of crypto builders to create in Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse with limitless scope.

The growing ThunderCore ecosystem is powered by its popular native asset, TT, which can be stored in the feature-rich TT Wallet, together with other supported project assets.

ThunderCore’s breakthrough consensus protocol “PaLa” overcomes the scalability “trilemma,” helping the ThunderCore network generate up to 4,000 transactions per second (TPS) with sub-second confirmation times and ultra-low gas fees at a fraction of a cent.

Created in 2017 by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Chris Wang to help solve Ethereum‘s scalability issues, ThunderCore has an international user base that spans over 100 countries. It measured over 500,000 monthly active users in December 2021, making it one of the most actively used chains in the world, according to DappRadar.

Institutional investors in ThunderCore include MetaStable, Hashed, Electric Capital, Huobi Capital, Pantera, Zhen Fund, Kenetic Capital, Arrington XRP, Capitaland, and Draper Dragon, among others.

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