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The Subject Matter Experts Podcast Host Qamar Zaman Interviews CEO of Thinkswell and Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Solo Music

Garland, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Subject Matter Podcast Host Qamar Zaman interviewed Tim Gerst, the CEO of Thinkswell and Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Solo Music. Tim Gerst combines his 16 years of expertise with his passion for NFTs and Blockchains, giving him an edge towards the future of the entertainment industry.

The blend between the NFT/Blockchain industry and the music industry has created immense emotional value in virtual work. According to a report by analytics group DappRadar, in the third quarter of 2021, there were $10.7 billion in NFT sales, up from $1.7 billion in the second quarter. Tim Gerst, the CEO of Thinkswell and Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Solo Music, explains how fans can invest in their favorite artist’s growth with NFTs.

How can musicians, artists, and labels leverage NFTs?

To understand a single launch, you have to understand a couple of key elements. Artists who are signed to a label have some restrictions based on the music. That’s where Solo Music comes in. Tim and his team have developed an ecosystem for musicians that transforms their music into digital artwork.

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Solo Music

“Solo Music is a web3 company that focuses on creating immediate opportunities and a long-term strategy for the music industry. Our solution aims to maximize how blockchains will impact artist careers and the overall industry. Our initial focus will be on demonstrating NFTs’ ability to build communities, to raise money, and to distribute digital assets.” Tim Gerst

Find out more about Solo Musics Vision here.

The Podcast Story covers: How can blockchain technology fuel the growth of music artists?

  • The transformation of the music industry through the integration of NFTs/Blockchain

  • How Solo Music is designing the way for fans to interact with the NFT/Blockchain industry and support artists

  • Exciting trends that are reshaping the future of NFTs

  • How Solo Music is redefining the ticketing world with NFT/Blockchain integrations

About Tim Gerst

Tim Gerst, a specialist in NFT and the music industry, demystifies the music industry and how musicians can leverage NFTs.

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Qamar Zaman is a host of the Subject Matter Expert Podcast who interviews other experts worldwide on his show.

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