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The non-fungible token (NFT) sector has had a tough year thanks to a slump in sales brought on by the cryptocurrency bear market. Despite that, there still are some collections that saw big gains, like the Reddit World Cup collectibles, for instance. The following projects are worth keeping an eye on for December.

Key Takeaways

  • The NFTs Mining collection seeks to combine mining technology and NFTs.
  • Reddit has scored another win with its World Cup collectibles.
  • Claynosaurz delivers new prehistoric art from top studio designers.

NFTs Mining

NFTs Mining was the top-selling collection of the last 30 days with 1,249 sales bringing in almost $75 million, as of Dec. 1. This set of 42 unique NFTs forms part of the CryptoTab ecosystem and each token in the collection gives users benefits, privileges, and ways to interact with the CryptoTab mining ecosystem and its community.

NFT by CryptoTab claims to be the next frontier in the crypto industry, allowing users to combine NFT and mining technologies to interact with products and services. The top NFTs Mining token sold in mid-November for $2.6 million.


Reddit Cup 2022

Reddit Cup 2022 was one of the latest releases in the popular Reddit Collectibles Avatars series and was launched to celebrate the 2022 FIFA soccer World Cup in Qatar being played in early December. Collectors can add one of the colorful, country-inspired avatars to their Reddit social media avatars. A total of 149,392 digital collectibles were sold in the last month for a total of $23.8 million. The outstanding supply of avatars had shrunk to only 6% at the end of November, according to Reddit User z18qx2.

The World Cup final will take place on Dec. 18 and the collection’s trading could gain ground on the surrounding hype.


Claynosaurz V2

Claynosaurz is a collection of 10,000 3-D animated dinosaur NFTs that rose to join the top 10 sales collections for the last week of November. The collection sold more than $4.4 million with a floor price of 0.87 ETH ($1.067) and could continue that popularity into December.

The Claynosaurz were built on the Solana blockchain and will later appear in the Claynotopia metaverse. The prehistoric art collection was created by a team with collective experience from Disney, Warner Bros, Illumination, Marvel, Universal, and Dreamworks.


Art Gobblers

The Art Gobblers NFT collection—brainchild of Justin Roiland, the creator of the Rick and Morty animated series—posted an increase in sales of more than 75% during the latest month for a total of about $36 million. There will be 10,000 Art Gobblers NFTs in total; 2,000 were dropped initially. Artists can mint artwork or use the special draw tool on the platform to have their work immortalized as a Gobbler.

The project is an experimental decentralized art factory. The community is responsible for selecting the artists, collectors, and builders for the mint list and the process has been ongoing since May.

Justin Roiland


Meebits NFTs was one of the top-performing collections of the last month with a 150% gain in sales volume. This collection of 20,000 3-D voxel characters is minted with a custom generative algorithm based on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners of each Meebit are granted an additional asset pack that includes the full 3-D model. It can be used to render and animate the Meebits, or for the owner to use as their avatar in the metaverse.

The project gained early attention because it was created by Larva Labs, which released the famous CryptoPunks collection.

Larva Labs

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