, /PRNewswire/ — Hunter Moffatt, CEO of Trophecase, announced today that the Schenectady, NY based sports tech company is expanding the Trophecase platform with the launch of NFTs. For a limited time, beginning February 22, 2022 (2/22/22), All Trophecase users will be able to Mint NFTs for FREE! 

Trophecase is a social platform dedicated to empowering every athlete by giving them a way to centralize, digitalize, & monetize their athletic career, personal brand, and future via blockchain, NFT technology, web3, and the metaverse. 

Athletes from amateurs to the pros have the chance to create a custom digital sports card that serves as a hub for all of their athletic content from highlights to stats, measurables, and accolades on a long-term perspective. With Trophecase and new NIL regulations, athletes have the opportunity to mint their custom sports card as an NFT providing them the opportunity to sell and auction cards, as well as earn royalty and sponsorship revenues. With the new changes to NIL rules and the ever-growing Web3, Trophecase wants to be at the forefront of athlete empowerment. 

“Our focus is providing value to the individual athlete, which is the complete opposite approach of today’s sports industry which showcases and provides resources for the top sports and or 1% of athletes” Moffatt said.  

“Given today’s technologies, a universal and intuitive process for verification, authentication, and digital ownership is needed and has been missing for years. We are excited to develop a trusted community built by individual athletes, sports influencers, and strategic sports partnerships. We will evolve this through our digital foundation, physical and digital collectibles, NFT’s and exclusive NFT collections. As compared to the early 2000’s internet companies and 98% that don’t exist, we are focused on providing long-term customer value and here for the long run” Moffatt said.  

“Our free mint for every athlete is just the beginning, and it may last forever? As we continue to evolve and add value for athletes and the sports industry through utilities, access, fundraising, and more. Over the next 90 days, we will be releasing exclusive Trophecase collections that will showcase NIL athletes, women in sports, legends, high school prospects, and signature editions for all ages, levels, and sports.” 

Sign up at  start your Trophecase and mint your NFT! Tag @trophecase on socials to be featured in upcoming collections! 


Designed for Every Athlete, all ages, levels and sports. Easily share and store your athletic evolution for generations to come with one link for all your fans. Trophecase athletes can mint an NFT that represents ownership of a snapshot of their career. The Trophecase NFT collection is tracked by an ERC-721 compliant smart contract deployed on the Polygon blockchain. Trophecase NFTs are viewable and tradable on all Polygon blockchain compatible NFT marketplace platforms such as OpenSea. The reporting of resale royalty details to NFT marketplaces that support the EIP-2981 NFT royalty standard. Storage of the Trophecase metadata on decentralized file networks such to ensure long-term availability and immutability of Trophecase NFTs.



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