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A San Francisco-based company Unstoppable Domains in partnership with Relic Tickets has unlocked the ability to showcase Proof of Attendance NFT Smart Tickets in the Unstoppable Domains profile. 

Proof of Attendance NFT Smart Tickets are digital badges that recognize your attendance at events. Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains said, “Your Unstoppable Domains Profile is like a Web3 LinkedIn page.” The addition of the tickets to the Unstoppable profile allows real utility companies to offer rewards, benefits, and future perks to devoted fans, he added.

For example, one reward can provide a special discount or VIP access for anyone who attended the last event. Now, users can use profiles to display digital badges for events that they have attended by entering their domain in the Relic mobile app.  

These Proof of Attendance NFT Smart Tickets intend to connect fandom with users’ digital identity via Unstoppable, giving more ownership to the event attendees. 

Simply put, you can verify your presence and show off unforgettable experiences at conferences, sporting events, music concerts, and more in your Unstoppable profile. Relic Tickets with this launch is aiming to provide the world’s first proof of attendance, allowing true ownership in the mass ticket market.

In a world where 10-40% of tickets are being scalped and over 5 million people receive ‘fake’ tickets every year, Relic is focusing on eliminating fraud and mitigating scalping. Previously, Unstoppable Domains had formed Web3 Domain Alliance to support the advancement of Web3 initiatives.

Hunter Abramson, CEO at Relic Tickets said, “We’re trying to change the actual definition of ‘ticket’ because of what an NFT can do these days, and create flawless access across an entire experience.” 



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