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ZUG, Switzerland, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Pangea, an innovative blockchain company specializing in all things NFT, is pleased to announce new initiatives implemented to its Hogeman NFT Club Collection and the Hogeman community. The company is introducing an updated version of the Hogeman Club membership, one that is more inclusive and beneficial to its members. 

One Club, One Big Community, and of course Utility!

In the Hogeman Club collection available on OpenSea, there are only 760 unique hand-crafted NFTs that serve as a game key for the company’s 2D 8-Bit game Hogeman.

Along with having unlimited access to the game, Hogeman NFT holders get to be a part of something that’s greater than just a club; they get to play, create, connect and belong to a community of like-minded gaming and blockchain enthusiasts.

Members of this awesome community also enjoy a number of benefits such as exclusive invites to game tournaments with prizes worth 63,000 USD, free airdrops, giveaways, private sale events, and much more, which means the utility of Hogeman club NFT goes above and beyond: it can be a club key, allowing community members to participate in private club events (e.g. private sale of the Virtual Pangea Token). It can also act as a game key, allowing immediate entrance into the ongoing tournaments.

For example, the Speedrun Tournament-Tesla edition, which finishes at the end of April, is an exclusive event only for CLUB members competing for a Tesla Model 3 or its equivalent in $ or ETH.

Giving Back to the Community

Virtual Pangea values its community more than anything. That is why the company is announcing upgrades to the Hogeman Club: a more balanced pricing plan and greater inclusivity.

Now, all Hogeman Club NFTs are available to acquire for $150 worth of ETH, including the rare selection of the 100 Genesis NFTs. All Hogeman Club members will have access to benefits such as an exclusive invitation to participate in the Club Private Sale event.

Moreover, members who purchased a Genesis NFT in the past will receive an airdrop of VP tokens for the amount of 0.5ETH at the time of the snapshot. Furthermore, Hogeman Club NFT holders will be rewarded with an airdrop in ETH equivalent to 250 USD worth of VP tokens at the time of the snapshot.

“At Virtual Pangea, our users always come first, which is why we continuously strive to evolve and recalibrate our services and the experiences we offer in line with the needs of our community,” said Dani Chear, CEO at Virtual Pangea. ‘This change will not only make the collection more accessible to everyone who is interested in owning a Hogeman NFT, but also reward those founding members that we highly value.”

About Virtual Pangea

Virtual Pangea is an interactive platform focused on NFT technology and community. Based in Zug, Switzerland, the company develops Web3 experiences, giving users control and a sense of belonging through blockchain-connected art and gaming.


Maria Ciubotaru, Head of Marketing

Virtual Pangea

[email protected]

SOURCE Virtual Pangea

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