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It’s no secret the NFT space is a hot topic nowadays. One thing’s for certain in regards to NFTs is that there are a lot of good artists circulating their projects on platforms such as OpenSea. WillyWillFB has entered the chat. Will recently posted that he created his own NFT collection, based on Dragon Ball characters, aptly titled “Power Level Abstract” where one of the pieces was even given to Bay Area rapper and music producer @iAmSu on Twitter.

WillyWillFB has teased recently about upcoming projects and things he’s been wanting to get into, NFT creation did not seem to be one of them. The project only contains 10 art pieces, each piece is a 1/1. Will clearly shows his love for Dragon Ball with this collection and seems to still be keeping it close to heart as he has only distributed one of the NFTs to a close friend.

There are no signs indicating WillyWillFB intends to sell his newly created collection, but we can only assume he is gearing to dive in even more within the NFT space.

We still have no information about any upcoming music projects Will is working on, but having his presence in the entertainment field all around is something we’ve always seen him do.

Uploads to the WillyWillFB YouTube channel have seemingly slowed down. No streams have recently come upon Twitch from his channel either. Until then, we’ll keep following Will on Twitter, @WillyWillFB, his most active social media account for new information about what he is up to.

Going to go hard with NFT creation and Crypto.

— Will 🇧🇷 WillyWillFB.eth (@WillyWillFB) February 21, 2022

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