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CHIGACO–()–The Web3 entertainment brand Woodies has announced that its complete generative NFT collection is now available as Linked Wearables in Decentraland. With 9,739 NFTs, Woodies is the largest wearable NFT collection available within Decentraland, one of the most popular Metaverse worlds.

Linked Wearables are 3D representations of NFTs which originate from outside Decentraland. Once an NFT collection is approved as Linked Wearables by the Decentraland community, holders may use their NFT as in-world Wearables that act as their own avatar. In addition to enabling Decentraland’s interoperability with third party NFT projects, this innovative feature introduces powerful new benefits for NFT holders and communities.

Web3 Enters the Metaverse

As Wearables, Woodies come to life in an exciting new way. “Woodies owners can now experience their Woodie as an animated character in Decentraland,” says Richard Powazynski, Co-Founder of Woodies. “You can move throughout the world and interact with other users as your own personal Woodie. Since each Woodie is unique, your Woodie represents your own individuality and ethos. This builds on the emotional connection people have with their NFTs, and adds to the value of digital ownership.”

Woodies launched in September 2021 with the availability of 9,739 Ethereum-based NFTs which are available on the leading marketplace OpenSea. Brought to life by the art team, consisting of concepts by Des Lucrece, base designs by Jae-838, and rich stylization by fine artist Gossamer Rozen, every Woodie was randomly generated from a mix of over 900 traits, making each one a uniquely appealing 1-1 design. A new animated short film, Woodies Origin, recently debuted, highlighting Woodies’ story and its mission to preserve the outdoors.

Doing More in Decentraland

Decentraland has consistently stood out as one of the most developed worlds in the Metaverse. With its openness to innovation and new tools to enhance user experiences, Decentraland invites heightened levels of engagement between communities and brands. The Decentraland approach is different from traditional wearables in other Metaverse worlds, which may dilute an NFT ecosystem by adding more tradable items to it. In contrast, Woodies’ choice of Decentraland’s Linked Wearables adds to the collection’s value.

“Decentraland’s Linked Wearables is a feature that can be used in many ways and I’m excited to see Woodies take full advantage of it, providing great value to their community,” says Marja Konttinen, Marketing Director, Decentraland Foundation. “Woodies NFT holders can now socialize with and get to know each other in Decentraland, and look absolutely wonderful while doing it!”

“Linked Wearables are an important development – they make it an easy choice for content creators like Woodies to have a Metaverse presence,” Powazynski says. “Just as important: They’re fun! It’s easy to get swept up in the business and tech of the Metaverse, but if it’s not enjoyable people won’t use it.”

About Woodies:

Woodies is a decentralized Web3 entertainment brand. Developed by UltraDAO, Woodies is a global community dedicated to experiencing and preserving the outdoors, empowered by storytelling and technology. Its first offering is the Woodies Generative collection of 9,739 NFTs, with a constantly expanding content universe to follow.

For more information, please visit https://www.woodiesnft.com/.

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