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West Virginia University announced on Saturday that the school will be entering a digital marketplace known as the NFTU; a collegiate-oriented online realm for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. 

Big news … We’re joining NFTU – the largest collegiate marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs! Start buying your own NFTs at https://t.co/vmEPAvd5MF on Monday (3/14) and see what WVU items you collect! 🥳 pic.twitter.com/MdnRzRuwli

— WVU Mountaineers (@WestVirginiaU) March 12, 2022

“In simplest terms, an NFT is a digital trading card,” Nikki Goodenow said, the Director of Brand and Trademark Licensing at WVU. “Just like going into the store and buying an oldschool pack of football or baseball cards, you’re going to go online and open a pack and there will be a surprise in there as to which athletes that you have purchased.”

WVU is just one of many universities across the country that is active in the NFTU marketplace. Customers can use Apple pay, cryptocurrency, or standard credit cards and the NFTs will be sold in packs.

The Mountaineer NFTs will not be made available in the online store until Monday, March 14, at nftu.com

At that time students and WVU fans can stop by the online shop to see which of their favorite WVU sports figures will be made available.

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